On my first visit to Germany in 2001 I immediately became infected with (FWE). I was so impressed by the longevity of these buildings. Later (2008) I got the chance to work at FWE renovation and loved it so much that I could have worked voluntarily.

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The strength and stability of this wood really left an impression on me. Around FWE I think almost permanently about the old “Chippies“ and marvel at their knowledge, design and workmanship without any modern equipment. Often I wonder if they were cold or hungry?  Were their tools sharp and did they get the satisfaction that I get from this wood/work?

FWE has the huge advantage that it has dried naturally for about 200 years, there remains close to zero chance of this wood “working“ anymore. With the marriage of this wood and my construction style one gets a timeless piece of furniture for generations to come.

Yes, it is severe on saw blades and  planer knives due to hidden nails but this sacrifice must be made —  “ On ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des oeufs “.

I get my oak from old buildings being dismantled, or people had it stored away unused since the old construction days, and the environment is also a winner because this reclaimed wood lives again with a new purpose.


My aim is to make very unique furniture with flair and character seeped in history.

Some people think oak is old-fashioned, maybe 70´s style, but I have just given it a new lease of life and these products fit equally as good in a city center penthouse as in a country cottage.

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So far all these products are my own ideas/design, some were flash ideas, others waited months pending further inspiration. All my furniture is extremely labour intensive, but I’m not complaining, every minute is a pleasure.

The prices are not in any way related to hourly rates, they are the fairest prices I can offer while covering costs and still expecting to sell these products.

One of my obvious traits is mixing different grain pictures and wood shades, recently I combined oak with peartree wood to the acclaim of viewers.

Maybe you have been searching since …………. for a particular ………. , you have an idea, I offer fitting ideas, we discuss, and draw, make models if necessary, then agree and soon the magic will be born .


I am determined to continue making kunst furniture that will endure and be loved for hundreds of years.

My aim is to make magnets for fingertips — YOU MUST TOUCH AND FEEL —  otherwise you may not appreciate. Of course I want you to buy my work and that your neighbours and visitors will ask: “Where did you get that from?“

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My construction consists only of joints (e.g. hammerhead key joint, weaning dovetail joint) and glue, everybody can use screws and brackets. Most modern joiners do not see the point in using these time-consuming exaggerated joints, I invite – try to disassemble one of them!

God blessed me with patience so I never take short-cuts and do not mind spending hours and hours at a particular detail until it’s correct.

My aim is to earn a name for top quality design and workmanship, someone who makes kunst furniture that will last. Of course most people are not as crazy about old oak as I am, but from my experience (3 years sitting at my dining table) it’s never boring, it actually gets better.


Chippie is an English slang word used to refer to someone who works with wood e.g. Carpenter / Joiner / Carver / Woodturner.

This Chippie was born in Ireland in 1975, did apprenticeship from 1992 to 1996, learning both Carpentry and Joinery. While serving my time and until 1999 I worked as a Carpenter doing roofing, shuttering and first and second fixing.

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From 1999 to 2005 I worked as a volunteer in Haiti, (www.nph.org). Primarily in the mountains of Kenscoff in an orphanage for almost 500 kids, I was busy with the production of new, and the repair of used furniture and fittings. Midway through my Haiti experience I became Co-foreman on a 12,000sq m. hospital complex.

In 2005 I returned to Ireland with my family and worked self-employed with a small 3-man team, mostly roofing.

In the years 2007/08 my family and I moved to Germany and I had parental time, later indulging in different part-time jobs and eventually a flexijob in a joinery in Cologne.

From 2008 to 2010 I got a post in a medium-sized Carpentry company, where I finally got to “inhale old oak dust“!

From 2011 until today I’ve been working with Caritas in an Intellectual Disability Programme, living with my wife and three daughters in Wachtberg, and of course trying to further my dream as a Chippie .

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Pablo Picasso


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